**Internet connected stationnary bike computer. **

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This project provides an Arduino sketch that can power an Arduino + Ethernet Shield (or Arduino with built-in ethernet) to make a stationary bike computer that can upload Cycling workout sessions results to Runkeeper's Healthgraph API, where it get added to the user's activities feed. The activity can then be posted to Twitter or Facebook automatically by Runkeeper.

It doesn't need to be connected to a computer for that purpose, only a wired ethernet connection + DHCP is required.

It'll also display either current speed and total distance or average speed and elapsed time during normal use via a LCD.

The sensor used is the reed switch that was already present in my stationary bike connected to the Arduino with a pulldown resistor.

The elapsed time only counts 15 seconds chunks when there was some activity, otherwise it'll pause.

If the pause last more than 5 minutes, it'll upload to Runkeeper the:

for the current session.

In action


Device in clear enclosure ### Runkeeper's screenshot Runkeeper screenshot ### Reed Switch (at the top of the picture) Stationary bike's reed switch and magnetic brake